How can a person stand alone and be part of a community? That is the question. The answer? Well I don’t think anyone can stand alone and be part of a community. But do I need to be part of a community? That’s the next question. The answer? Yes You do. Why? We all need … More Community


Networking You have probably heard the saying before that, no man is an island of his own. This is usually used to remind people that they need the presence, support and help of other human beings to survive and thrive in this life. You may have also heard people say that, I made it on … More Networking

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day. Celebrating womanhood and Mothers I think is a very worthy cause and course. On the one hand it gives us an opportunity to celebrate all the efforts the women in our lives put into making sure that everyone around them is properly molded. The girl child is often taught to take care … More Happy Mother’s Day

Free Opportunity

Recently I have been thinking about opportunity and how we may sometimes be more laid back about an opportunity that has been handed down to us, freely, than one we have to fight for. It’s made me reevaluate myself and realize that I have to be more grateful for the opportunities that have been handed … More Free Opportunity

My Hallelujah Belongs to God|| HAPPY NEW YEAR || HAPPY 2018

Happy New Month 😊🌹and Happy New Year… 🎊🎈 I have and would continue to see the goodness of God in the land of the living. My hallelujah belongs to God. I have had bad days, sometimes weeks and even months, oh but I have learnt that indeed all glory belong to God. I understand again … More My Hallelujah Belongs to God|| HAPPY NEW YEAR || HAPPY 2018