Guarding the past

Ever read or heard a story and judged the person immediately? Perhaps you have. Perhaps you haven’t. Ever told your own story and felt judged immediately? If yes, did you feel it was fair to have been judged that quickly? Now how do you feel about judging other? The same? Many people have a ‘past’, … More Guarding the past

Self Love

Healthy challenges that can help you develop yourself I think are great. This week I learnt to love myself by telling myself it’s okay to rest. I don’t need to try to solve or fix everything. Like it’s okay to rest and breathe. For someone who used to worry a lot, letting go and freeing … More Self Love

Happy July

Happy New Month! Happy July! 😊😊😊 I hope this half of the year is filled with plenty blessings and May God bless you, In Jesus name! Amen! Quintessential Faith