Healing: Can anyone hear me? ALone?

……And so you wonder,
‘What am I suppose to do?
Pretend like everything is alright?
Act like the events of life I have experienced never really happened?
To walk around like nothing happened
Is that what is expected to happen?’
To walk around like nothing happened is not the goal
but to walk around knowing that God owns tomorrow, NOW that’s the plan
For to stay in grief is to drown ones self
but to trust in God is to move on with hope for tomorrow
Scars are unseen by the human eyes
Yet they are felt by God
I understand that humans are able to stand with you for a moment
But God, you see God, is always available for eternity.
Its not that your grief does not matter.
It’s not like walking around like it didn’t happen is easy.
But in any case that’s not what you should do
Move on knowing there is yet hope, beauty and glory because God owns you and tomorrow
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